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Specialty Sealing Alabama Power Lay Dam

Who We Are

Specialty Sealing Technologies takes pride in designing and manufacturing innovative hydraulic seals made from the highest grade materials. We offer the standard size seals along with non-standard sizes supplied both in English and Metric sizes. When we mold non-standard sizes, we do not charge any mold or set-up charges. All of our molds are manufactured from steel and we do not use any temporary molds. that ensures the correct tolerances are the same if it’s the first seal or the 1000th seal. All of our molds are manufactured at our facilities so that we can keep the correct procedures the same. We can mold endless seals up to 110″.

We carry a full range of materials and compounds such as NBR (nitrile Buna rubber), HNBR (hydrogenated nitrile buna rubber), Viton (DuPont) fluoroelastomer, EPDM, Neoprene, XNBR, and more of the elastomers. We also have a wide range of Thermoplastics PU (Polyurethane), Cast Polyurethane, Teflon (PTFE), BFT (Bronze loaded Teflon), GLT (Glass loaded Teflon), GRT (Graphite loaded Teflon), PE, Delrin, Peek, UP (Polyester Resin Bonded Fabric) and more. All of these are milled in house.

SST supplies a multitude of industries across the globe including forging, steel mills, hydroelectric, extrusion, and injection molding. Plus, we supply distributors, OEM’s, cylinder manufacturers, cylinder rebuilders, and machine rebuilders. We have hands-on experience in all of these markets and industries. We understand the effort and time it takes in working on all this machinery, so it’s important to supply the right product for the job and application to remove any added stress to the customer. That is why we want to provide the customer with a wide range of quality products to ensure that the equipment works properly.

SST supplies a robust style of packing for the forging and extrusion industries which needs these types of seals because of all the extra lateral movement of the rams. We have seals for all the smaller applications such as pullback, container, and die cylinders. For the steel mills, we have dozens of different styles of bearing/oil seals depending on the applications for the hot & cold mills, continuous caster, and other applications. The wood industry has different mills like plywood, OSB, Particleboard, LVL, and Hardboard. SST has supplied seals & wipers for Washington Iron, Motalla, Dieffenbacher, Williams White, Simplekamp, Fjellman, and Globe pre-presses with a free-floating style of packing.

We’ve supplied seals for the main rams, jack rams, and loaders & unloaders. The hydroelectric industry is a major user of our products. SST has supplied seals for Kaplan, Francis, Bulb, and Pelton units. The main applications are for the Kaplan blade seals, Wicket gates, servo-motors, and brakes. We have supplied end-users, OEM’s and rebuilders in this industry.

Specialty Sealing Alabama Power Lay Dam

What We Provide

Our Top of the Line Products Ensure Safe Application

Composite seal rubber energizer with teflon
All Rubber Double Wiper
Multiple sealing Products
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We offer a variety of turbine seals and other products to ensure your machinery is safe and efficient. We know how important the proper seal is; ineffective seals can cause spills, property damage, and money loss, which is why we give you the right type and fit of seal to keep your equipment in prime condition. Our prices are competitive too, meaning you get what you need at a better price and quality. We also won’t charge you a mold or set-up charge to ensure that your product is right for you. Check out our extensive list of products that we offer molding companies, hydraulic rebuilders, and major original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) such as Anti-Extrusion RingsHigh-Pressure SealsO-RingsPiston Guide Rings, and more!

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We Provide the Highest Quality of Product Around the Globe

Specialty Sealing Technologies is a global company. Our international coverage is second to none. Our expert team has more than 50 years of combined experience in the hydraulic industry. We are likewise committed to providing products and services for molding companies, hydraulic rebuilders, and major original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) all across the globe. We proudly serve North AmericaSouth AmericaEuropeAustralia, and Asia. Our commitment to global coverage is something we take pride in. Check out our other locations. 

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